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the gkvds project, india

The GKVDS Project
The GKVDS Project
The GKVDS Project
The GKVDS Project

The Gandhi Kasturba Village Development Society [GKVDS] is a registered Non-Governmental Organization which has its presence in the village called Puliyampatti in Tiruvannamalai district.  Tiruvannamalai is a drought-hit district province in the state of Tamil Nadu with many poor indicators of Development. Though the district has a river called Thenpennai, inflow of river water is minimal, which doesn’t seem to be adequate for agricultural irrigation purposes.

Surrounded by hills, the district is a place of international importance – the Arunachal Temple and Ramanashram which attracts large crowd of pilgrims for offering prayers to Lord Arunachal during Full Moon days. Certain developmental measures are created only within the urban and town limits – sadly, the rural villages surrounding Tiruvannamalai lack basic amenities.

The poverty ratio and its intensity in the district is more than 40% resulted in sub-standard living conditions and migrations by the population. A typical example of a rural housing condition of Irula family is shown.

The reasons for Child Labour situation and school drop-out even from Primary level have been given below:

  • Irula, the indigenous tribe families, believe that children are added assets to the families. They believe that employment to their children even at an age of 11 to 15 years could bring the families food baskets;
  • Lack of awareness and positive attitudes amongst the Irula poor parents on the importance of education to their children;
  • Irula children are forced to undergo series of vulnerabilities and social atrocities within the school circles;