Providing support around the world

Since 1974, Onaway has been supporting the cultures, languages, and life-ways of tribal peoples all over the world. We invest in small projects that make a positive difference to the world’s few remaining Indigenous peoples. Our work is guided by a belief that other valid worldviews are possible, and that there is much to learn from the diminishing tribes of natural people, if only we allow the space and time to listen.

Honouring the Earth

Indigenous lands are disproportionately ravaged by industry, impacting the environment, cultures and lifeways. We support local actors to build sustainable communities based on traditional principles.

Preserving Traditional Knowledge

A wealth of traditional knowledge, skills and information forged over thousands of years are being lost in our exhausting race forward. We enable indigenous peoples to maintain their traditions and practices.

Supporting Indigenous Rights

Indigenous peoples rights are routinely violated, in contravention of international law. We stand up for the rights of indigenous groups and help them to understand and realise their rights.