28 August 2019
Indians and Cowboys and the Amazon Rainforest

In the UK the term “Cowboy’ describes a crook who passes himself/herself off as a tradesperson.

In Brazil, the far-right government of Jair Bolsonaro wants to take the lands of tribes living in the Amazon…

07 October 2018
Giving thanks to the ancestors of the Afraid of Bear and American Horse family

After twenty years of holding ceremonial prayer in the Wild Horse Sanctuary south of Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the thirty-first year of SunDancing in the sacred Black Hills, the Afraid Of Bear and American Horse Tiospaye (related families)…

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Help protect and preserve ancestral grave

We recently witnessed the desecration of a Shinnecock Indian ancestor’s grave, when a skull, bones, and 18th Century glass…

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The Amazon used to be a hedge against climate change. Those days may be over.

The world’s greatest forest used to absorb greenhouse gases. Now, it may be emitting them. Carbon dioxide coming…


Easter Island people want British Museum to return Moai statue

Easter Island’s indigenous people have asked Chile’s government to help them recover a unique Moai statue removed 150 years…

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Indigenous peoples recognised by the world’s biggest climate fund

A “GCF Indigenous Peoples Policy” has been adopted for inclusion in the Green Climate Fund, that every year allocates…