Lakota Waldorf School: Education for the head, heart and hands

08 April 2022

Situated on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, the Lakota Waldorf School merges traditional education with the Waldorf pedagogy and teaching of the native Lakota language, culture and values, to give local children the best start in life while nurturing a deep connection with their ancestral land and roots.

As the only Waldorf school situated on an Indian Reservation in the US, the school gives Lakota children the chance to benefit from an educational movement which integrates seamlessly with the values and teachings of their own native culture. This is a unique opportunity which most Native American families cannot afford due to high rates of unemployment and poverty among their communities.

The Onaway Trust is a long-term supporter of this visionary school and has recently made a further donation to help fund their inspiring work and further expansion.

Read the full article to find out more about this partnership and the amazing work that the Lakota Waldorf School is doing to guide the next generation of Native American children to succeed academically and in the wider world, while nurturing their connection with Mother Earth, supporting their development as creative, spiritual and compassionate individuals and, crucially, showing them how to embrace and celebrate their native roots.

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