Vital tree planting restores spiritual connections in Guatemala

27 November 2018

The Chico Mendes Reforestation Project aims to restore and replant native forests on indigenous community lands around the municipality of Cantel, near the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Supported for the second year by Onaway, the project has planted thousands of tress. These new trees strengthen both the environment (protecting fresh-water catchment areas and filtering air pollutants) and the spiritual connections between the local people and the land.

This season the project was affected by drought and late rains, unusual in the Guatemalan highlands but likely resulting fro the climate changes being experienced globally.

Last winter a fire swept through one plantation, damaging young trees, and during the summer, the planting of thousands of nursery-raised saplings had to be delayed.

However, the good news is that almost all of the fire affected trees recovered and are thriving once again, Meanwhile, the arrival of the rains has allowed field planting to resume.

Armando Lopez-Pocol, director of the project, says: ” I feel even more motivated, and I thank Onaway for its continued support and vision”.


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