Preventing the killing of albino children for their body parts

09 October 2018

People with albinism in Malawi, especially children are being attacked for their body parts. This horrific reality is the result of religious charlatans claiming they can make people rich through magic by using the bones of albinos, which they claim contain gold! And, with increasing poverty in the country, there is great demand.

“It is the children with albinism who are at the greatest risk. Fearing for their lives, many have ceased going to school”

Chief Clinical Officer, Matson Dezi.

Onaway is supporting the World Medical Fund for Children to help stop this barbaric practice. Teams of medical professionals have been recruited to educate rural Malawians about the facts of albinism. Working from health centres, where there is a high degree of trust based on a history of local support, the teams enlighten communities about the real problems of albinism, as well as helping albinos cope the with the harsh conditions of life in Malawi.

“The situation is worsening. Out of 82 albino children registered with one special needs school, only 8 are attending. The remainder are far too frightened to venture out.”

Michael Burt, CEO World Medical Fund for Children

Working together with our partners, we hope to start to make a difference to the plight of albinos across Malawi. Please help to raise awareness of their challenges by sharing news from trusted sources including The Independent, Human Rights Watch and Daily Monitor.

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