Our trustees are a small group of volunteers who work to support the needs of the charity, giving their time, energy and expertise to further the goals of the charity. They meet regularly to ensure the charity is working towards its stated goals in the best way possible.

Andrew Breslin

Andy Breslin sees the acculturation of indigenous peoples as nothing less than bullying by the dominant, western culture. Believing that all people have a right to exist on their own terms, Andy engaged with Onaway in 1975. He worked as a volunteer during the first five years of the charity’s foundation; researching and visiting projects - during which he lived with traditional people and took part in many of their sacred ceremonies - writing articles for the Onaway newsletter, and using his communication skills to promote Onaway causes to audiences in the U.K. With a masters degree in communications, Andy rose in the communications profession to become the creative director of a leading advertising agency and, subsequently, a recognised consultant on branding. However, Andy continued to support Onaway and in 1990 he was invited to become a trustee of the charity - a position he has been proud to hold ever since.

David Watters

David Watters has worked with The Onaway Trust since 1995. He has visited Palestinian refugee camps and North American Indians tiospayes - extended communities, as well as many regions in India. He began as a Trainee Trust Administrator then was quickly promoted to Trust Administrator due to his hard work and tireless dedication to our cause.