The Onaway Trust has an extensive library with more than 1700 books, housed at our office in Donavourd. Visits to the library are by appointment only. Please contact us at to book an appointment or with any queries.


Navajo History

Ethelou Yazzie, 1971

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House Made of Dawn

N. Scott Momaday, 1973

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The Great Sioux Uprising

Chester M. Oehler, 1959

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The Unjust Society: The Tragedy of Canada's Indians

Harold Cardinal, 1969

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The Lance and the Shield: Life and Times of Sitting Bull

Robert M. Utley, 1998

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Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas

Mari Sandoz, 1961

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The Warrior Apaches

Gordon Cortis Baldwin, 1965

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Red Man's America

Ruth Murray Underhill, 1971

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