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sourthern jordanian bedouin peoples livestock project

Jordainian Development of Livestock raising project amongst the Nomadic Bedouin tribe’s people of Southern Jordan.

There are presently about 35000 nomadic Bedouins living in and around the 16 villages in the Aqueba region, Southern Jordan. (perhaps a map link can be added here). It is estimated that around 89% of those earn their livelihood through raising animals with over 25000 depending totally on their livelstock for their entire income.


As the Bedouin way of life has become increasingly marginalised so has their standard of living and the care they are able to afford their animals. Of all the communities in the Arab world it is the indigenous Bedouin people who are at greatest risk from famine and malnourishment. With a lack of access to modern technology, veterinary care, even sanitation, transmissible diseases from animals to people and vice versa - salmonellosis and skin diseases - are common whilst mortality rates amongst livestock kept by Bedouin peoples are higher than in the rest of their society.

The increased income will allow the Bedouin to purchase healthier foodstuffs for themselves and their families whilst supporting their children through school, improving the economic prospects of future generations. It is hoped that this will especially benefit the economic status of girls who culturally and traditionally are still raised with the expectation that they will become solely wives and mothers.